Live from Hawaii, Wally “The Cookie Kahuna” Amos!

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Dear Friends of The Cookie Kahuna,
We have a new name, The Cookie Kahuna, with the same great tasting cookies. We are in the process of changing bakeries. We look forward to baking again by April 15. I promise your cookies are happily on their way to the ovens. We appreciate your patience and support. Thank you very much.
Wally Amos, The Cookie Kahuna.

SPECIAL!!! Chocolate Chip Pecan Just $10/lb.!

All cookies just $15 per pound!

The Cookie Kahuna Cookies are all-handmade in Honolulu Hawaii and are packaged and shipped in half-pound bags. Although we package our cookies in half-pound bags, we charge per pound, $15.00 per pound.

We offer three flavors, Original Chocolate Chip, (33% chocolate), Chocolate Chip with Pecan, (29% chocolate and 9% pecans) and Butterscotch with Macadamia Nuts (9% macadamia nuts). We use only semi-sweet Chocolate, Pure Vanilla Extract and real Butter.